Maarten Schaddelee, sculpture

Ave Maria
Mary Of Maarnada

Nadine, at the age nine saw Mary in a small Chapel and felt her coming into her heart.
Mary and Me.

Maarten is a member of the Arbutus Singers.  When Nadina heard him practice ‘Caccini’s, Ave Maria’ in their living room she felt it re-sparking Mary in her heart.
Hearing the Arbutus Singers at a Christmas Concert completed her desire that Maarten create a Mary for Maarnada’s Garden.  The song for Nadina is an invocation to Mary and two years later, when Maarten was ready, Nadina used it to intone the stone.  Every morning at sunrise Nadina would place her hands on the stone feel the vibration in her heart and Ave Maria blessed the stone.
Most of her pictures were taken in the dawn light and sunrise.

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